How to buy a house in Jávea as a foreigner?

If you are one of the people who are interested in buying a property in Jávea, being a foreigner, in our company MORAGUESPONS Mediterranean Houses we help you to get the options that best suit your expectations and budget, considering that the process for acquiring property of this type, are usually very cumbersome.

More and more foreigners want to start a new life in Jávea, considering that this locality has numerous attractions and advantages that can surpass your initial prospects, one of our main services is the advice for the acquisition of the property that best suits your needs and requirements.

Comprar Casa DetallesRely on real estate professionals

In order to acquire a property of this type as a foreigner, the first step to take is to have a real estate agent like the ones you can find in our Real Estate Agency in Jávea.

The procedure to buy a house in Jávea being a foreigner, consists mainly in its verification and monitoring, considering that foreigners must have certain documentation and basic requirements, it is therefore essential to choose the right professional to carry out the advice for the negotiation of the property.

Choosing the right property to buy a house in Jávea

Many will wonder what are the aspects to consider when choosing a property in Jávea. Generally, in order to carry out a study of a property, one must take into account the needs in relation to the dimensions of the house.

In the case of a family property with more than 4 members, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is already taken into account.

Once you are clear about your needs in terms of space and geographical area, you will be able to make the first visit, and it is at this moment when you will be able to visualise the details of the design, distribution, exterior areas and any other detail that will make your day to day life more bearable.

If you have already chosen your house, it is important that you talk to our team as you have to start all the necessary procedures to be able to formalise the reservation and purchase of any real estate property.

Documents required to buy a house in Jávea as a foreigner

People who wish to buy a property in Jávea as a foreigner, the essential requirement to make such a move is to have the NIE. In our real estate agency, which has great experience in the sector, we recommend having this documentation up to date to carry out any type of economic transaction with real estate, whether buying, selling or reservation.

It is advisable to have a personal Spanish bank account in order to speed up the procedures for purchasing and acquiring real estate, otherwise verification procedures will have to be entered into which will lead to a greater investment of time.

The procedure for the formalisation of payments for such a movement requires personal signatures, which is where the need for the bank account to expedite this important step is reflected.

Elige La Propiedad Adecuada Para Comprar Una Casa En Javea

Do you need to finance the purchase of a house in Jávea?

In case you need financing for the purchase of a house in Jávea, no matter if you are a foreigner, in our company MORAGUESPONS Mediterranean Houses, we grant you the best plans that suit your business, you can make the purchase of the property or properties that you require.

From MORAGUESPONS Mediterranean Houses we are at your disposal whether you are Spanish or foreigner with the need to buy a property or house in Jávea to advise you, guide you and accompany you throughout the process of buying property.

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