The greatest attractions of Jávea

Jávea is one of those places where everyone dreams of living, because despite being a small town, it has everything you need to have a quiet and active life, especially for all the beaches and coves close to the area.

Jávea's major attractions are unique and special, no matter how many times you visit, because there is always something new and exciting to discover.

This municipality has a wonderful mix between a historic and traditional town, with a tourist town and with many modern things for its inhabitants, so now you will know its special places, with this summary that we will give you. There are many people looking to buy property in Jávea to live in.

The best coves in the Mediterranean

Beach lovers have found their perfect place to live in Jávea, because it is surrounded by beautiful and colourful coves and beaches, which can be enjoyed all year round, every day of the week.

If you want to live in Jávea, you will have direct contact with the best coves of Jávea, so you will live every day in a small piece of paradise that you can only find in this beautiful place.

Discover all the wonders of one of Jávea's greatest attractions, with the best coves in the Mediterranean waiting to offer you unforgettable experiences.

Cala Blanca or La Caleta

In Cala Blanca or La Caleta, you will enjoy two coves in one, because it is divided into two: a cove of 80 metres and a cove of 40 metres.

It is a very popular cove due to its unique view, its name comes from the whitish rocks of its cliffs, which give a beautiful white colouring to the beach.

The coves are separated by a rock with a hole in it, which has become a popular attraction on the beach.

If you like sailing, this is the ideal cove to do so, because its calm waters are perfect for a stroll in the sea.

Encantos Javea

Barraca or Portixol cove

This cove is located between Cap Negre and Cap Grim, and is characterised by its rustic appearance, as it has a lot of gravel, rocks and boulders.

It is approximately 900 metres long and is sheltered by the cliffs that surround the beach.

In Cala Barraca you can see the old houses that serve as a façade to the sea and which is a spectacle worthy of photography. It is the recommended beach for scuba diving, because the seabed of this cove is very beautiful. 

It is the perfect beach to get away from the urbanisation of the town, because it is far away from the town and its calm waters inspire peace.

Granadella Cove

The beautiful turquoise waters of Cala Granadella, one of the most beautiful coves in Jávea, are enough to spend a different kind of day, and you are sure to visit it often when you live there. 

It is located to the south of Jávea, 10 kilometres from the town, and can be reached by a road that is signposted and in good condition.

Due to its impeccable beauty, this beach is very popular, especially during the holiday season. Here you can practice sports such as scuba diving or snorkelling, although you can also admire the fish from the shore. 

As well as enjoying the cove, you can also go to the restaurants, shops and other services nearby.

Visiting the old town of Jávea

The coves are undoubtedly one of the most striking aspects of this town, but visiting the old town of Jávea is also one of the biggest attractions of Jávea and you can go and see it whenever you wish, when you live there.

The old town of Jávea is made up of narrow streets that connect all the squares of the town, the most visited of which is the Plaza de la Iglesia, which is where the church of San Bartolomé, the town hall and the Mercado de Abastos are located. 

The festivities of San Sebastián and Jesús de Nazareno are celebrated in the streets of the old town.

A walk around the port of Jávea

Another benefit of living in this area and getting to know its places in depth is to visit and stroll around the port of Jávea, which is located at the foot of the cliffs of the area, giving it a sensational view and good protection for boats.

The port of Jávea has three distinctive places: the fishing area, which is on the port side of the mouth of the harbour, the sports area, which is at the front, and the protection dock, which is to the east.

You don't have to have a boat to go to the port, you can go to admire the beauty of the place and visit the shops and restaurants that are around it, which make it one of the main attractions of Jávea.

Javea Puerto

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