Trust a personal property shopper to buy property in Jávea

As the world evolves, all human activities are changing, always seeking to optimise results. In this wave, the figure of the real estate personal shopper appears, who is nowadays in charge of advising buyers of houses, flats, offices or land.

The concept of personal shopper can be translated as "personal shopper", which applied to the real estate sector, is the professional who becomes a very important advisor to choose the flat or the house of your dreams, always with respect and based on the client's requirements.

Personal Shopper Inmobiliario Javea

The work of the Real Estate Personal Shopper to get the property in Jávea that you want

Buying a property in Jávea is a very serious matter, because in addition to having an important economic weight it also involves desires, hopes and needs. In this sense, we could say that the real estate Personal Shopper appears to cover a need.

It is important to point out that there is a difference between the real estate consultant and the personal shopper. Both are looking after the interests of the client, but the latter specialises in working with the buyer to find out in detail what their needs and tastes are, and to find the property that suits them.

In order to achieve his objective, the real estate personal shopper must fulfil certain requirements and actions.

  • Conduct a first meeting with the client(s), in which an interview is conducted in which preferences, tastes and needs can be specified.
  • A roadmap and a checklist are drawn up in which the years of the property, the style, the price, the area and the characteristics are established.
  • A contract is signed and the search for homes that suit the client's wishes begins.
  • Once the property that meets the requirements and satisfies the client is found, the real estate personal shopper takes charge of the entire purchasing process.

Why trust in a Real Estate Personal Shopper from MORAGUESPONS Mediterranean Houses?

  1. A Real Estate Personal Shopper is designated exclusively to a client so there is a greater commitment.
  2. This professional is able to detect the real needs and tastes of clients in order to satisfy all their requirements effectively.
  3. By being dedicated to a single client, he/she is able to optimise the management of appointments and meet them in a shorter period of time.
  4. It saves time and money, as it avoids houses that do not suit the client's taste.
  5. The RSPS takes care of the entire process, from attracting potential properties, contacting the seller and the purchase process.
  6. It does not cost more. RSPS works exclusively with the client but at no additional cost.

Personal Shopper Inmobiliario

All the experience, seriousness and good work of professionals in the real estate sector

MORAGUESPONS Mediterranean Houses, is a family business that has been maintained over time and has given way to the second generation to continue fulfilling the main objective which is to find the place of our clients' dreams.

Our work is based on solid business values such as honesty and trust, which has allowed us to guarantee our clients an excellent service and to adapt it to their needs.

Another of our company's strengths is that we know the city very well, so we have more opportunity to find those treasures that are sometimes hidden.

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